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cigarettes codeine laced

cigarettes codeine laced

Street Drugs - Crack Cocaine Laced -
A huge list of common cocaine street names and crack cocaine slang terms.

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Slang Terms for Cocaine - Cocaine.
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What are all the nicknames for drugs/booz.
  • Interaccion del diazepam con clonazepam

  • What are all the nicknames for drugs/booz.

    Purple drank - Wikipedia, the free.

    The bluffer's guide to street-drug slang Drug Slang This list was originally compiled in the 1990s, with some recent updates.
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    cigarettes codeine laced

    Cocaine Street Names and Crack Cocaine.

    Street Drugs - Crack Cocaine

    All-American drug; Angie; Aunt Nora; bah-say; banano - putting cocaine in the end of a cigarette or sprinkling it in a joint; Barbs; base; Base; baseball; basuco
    27.02.2007  Best Answer: A - LSD; amphetamine A-Bomb - Marijuana joint with heroin or opium; cigarette that contains heroin or marijuana Abe - $5 worth of drugs Abe
    Purple drank is a slang term for a recreational drug popular in the hip hop community in the southern United States, originating in Houston, Texas. Its main
    A. LSD; amphetamine. A-bomb. Marijuana cigarette with heroin or opium. A-boot. Under the influence of drugs. Abandominiums. Abandoned row houses where drugs are used
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